Famed singer/songwriter Sea B is back on the music scene with a brand new album! “Journey Through Space & Time” bridges the generation gap between young and seasoned music lovers. The exceptional album is a perfect blend of reggae, rhythm, and blues, with just a hint of soul.

Sea B, born Carrol Barrington Marrah in Kingston Jamaica is an International Reggae Artiste with a number of popular singles under his belt. The singer was a frequent visitor to the area of Gordon Town, a community near his hometown of Kingston where he acquired his passion for music.

The young Sea B, upon realizing his purpose, started on his musical quest and so he would save his lunch money in an effort to acquire records of musical greats such as U Roy, John Holt, and The Paragons. As he got older, the music of Dennis Brown, Peter Tosh and The Queen of R & B, Aretha Franklyn resonated with him and from that he developed his own musical style.

Music was always a part of Sea B’s life but the youngster was also aware that he needed to have a solid education so he completed his studies at Excelsior High School, before migrating to the United States of America.

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Sea B’s love for the music was born out of the teachings received through life experiences, the rhythmic vibrations of the above-mentioned artists, all increasing his passion and drive to become a Reggae musician. While in Miami attending college, Sea B met a group of individuals who would later become band members. Years later, the number 1 Reggae group hailing from South Florida, Roots Uprising, was formed
The band’s musicians included: Sea B, Teddy Greeves, Raynor Washington, Winston Marrah, Richard Bryce and Bentley Ray. Their first recording was a cover of Stevie Wonder’s Master Blaster “Jammin”, which afforded the band the opportunity to open for the legendary Stevie Wonder and Reggae icons, Third World. Both opportunities propelled the band’s recognition in the music industry and kept them touring countries such as the USA, South America and Haiti doing an extensive amount of work in the USA which aided in creating a fan base for the Roots Uprising Band. Sea B credits his experience in the band, for his improved vocal and saxophone skills. He remained a member of the Roots Uprising Band until a fatal accident of one of its members.
Sea B was never daunted by the breakup of the band. The Artiste took a hiatus from the music scene but dedicated his time to creating new music. Authentic Reggae singles that were later compiled and his first 13 track studio album was released in 2007 titled “Yes It’s True”. Sea B who always considered himself to be doing the work of the Almighty, spent some time promoting his hit single “Oh Jah” which gained him a lot of attention and recognition as a solo artist. This single made it in the top 10 of the Billboard charts.
The success of his first studio album sent him back to the recording studio where the famed singer/songwriter would spend long nights, early mornings, and countless songwriting revisions, all a part of the creative process for his second album ‘Journey Through Space and Time.”
Sea B worked alongside former band members as well as new musicians on the project. Guitarist, Ronnie Moses, provided the guitar, keyboards and played an integral role in the production of the album. Multiple Grammy Award-winning producer, Paul Faqhourie, also contributed to the inimitable album. The singer also teamed up with notable producer, Fabian Cooke, on this project. Cooke gets his acclaim from working with artists like Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, and Tone Loc, to name a few. The producer’s most notable work includes “Hakuna Matata” on the “Lion King Rhythm of the Pack” soundtrack. ‘” Journey Through Space and Time is set to be a game changer in the industry. The album bridges the gap between young and seasoned music lovers delivering a perfect blend of Reggae, Rhythm, and Blues, with just a hint of Soul.
Sea B has always been an advocate for maintaining the authenticity of the music, focusing on producing strong lyrics that resonate with all including the youths. In the summer of 2018, Sea B released the hit single “A Vibe A Gwaan” which continues to capture the attention of local disc jockeys across the musical landscape and around the world. The singer uses the single to focus on black history and the fight for human rights, using the lyrics of the song to educate the youths on the legacy of his beloved island, Jamaica.
The artist is currently locked in studio sessions preparing singles for the release of his third studio album and touring internationally spreading the language of Reggae music worldwide.
Sea B - Vibe a Gwaan